My journey that lead to founding the Fight Game Academy is one with many chapters. The Fight Game Karate originates from Ashihara International Karate with enrichment of all my knowledge and experience during my road to various championships. Fight Game Karate has been developed in a way that it easily integrates with other Full contact Martial arts competitions.  In my opinion practising Fight Game Karate, you should develop yourself as all round Karateka and the rules will decide what kind of Fight Game you should play.

In the early 80’s, I started to train Ashihara Karate in my home town Capelle aan den IJssel, and competing at young age in several National and International Full contact karate tournaments. At this time Soke David Cook (founder of Tsu Shin Gen International) and Shihan Dave Jonkers, together lead a spin-off organisation of Ashihara Karate, named AIKO (Ashihara International Karate Organisation). Under their guidance a foundation for my future championships was layed.

In the 90’s I got in contact with the (I.B.K.) International Budo kaikan from Kancho Jon Bluming. As the AIKO merged with this organisation. I started to  compete professionally, and participated in many events. In this part of my journey I became 2 times DaiDoYuko Hokutoki Champion. Also the first foreigner in 18 years to became champion since the creation of DaiDoYuko. – DaiDoJuko nowadays known as Kudo or Japanese Mixed Martial Arts,  3 times World Champion Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling -als known as King of Pancrase and 4 time K-1 Grand Prix Champion. – K-1 (Karate) the world’s biggest stand up fighting organisation considered the formula 1 of stand up fighting. In 2013 I won the GLORY World Series – GLORY a new kickboxing organisation. – World Series a sixteen man tournament with the best fighters in the world at that time. After the GLORY World Series i decided to retire.

Fight Game Academy is established

I received much recognition and promoted Ashihara International Karate and Martial Arts globally. On 18th August 2014 I started the Fight Game Academy. Based on my experience and knowledge which I gained during my 22 years of Martial arts journey. It is my strong belief that the fight game is a tool to achieve a positive personal development. And the Fight Game Academy as I see it is a secure and safe environment to do so.

Goal Fight Game Academy

My goal the Fight Game Academy is to promote the true intention of the fight game globally and to contribute to personal development in general. Fight Game Academy has the desire to improve and evaluate the fight game with an open mind for any influence.

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