The Hague – Last Sunday, March 20th The brothers Mulder of the Fight Game Academy, Zuidlaren participated in  the Open (for all karate styles) European Kyokushinkai Karate Championships in The Hague. These Championships were held for the 26th time and are the hardest-fought international karate event in the Netherlands.

The Eexterveensche fighters Mulder participated several times in this tournament, rather both are potential candidates for a podium. Last year Bart Mulder just missed the title and had to settle for second place. His younger brother Frank Mulder got in previous editions of this event 2 times a podium place. One year as the youngest participant. Last year, Frank was eliminated by the tournament winner Victor Fernandez.

This year, the two brothers had to make something up and were very motivated on this prestigious tournament.

First Frank Mulder was up against the newly crowned Dutch champion Seido Karate de Groot. With solid and hard punch combinations Frank managed to put his opponent backwards and score a Wazari (half point)) with a kick to the head. Not much later, after another solid punch kick combination Mulder scored his second Wazari with a knee to the head. After that Frank Mulder was called out as the winner and it will take on Frenchman Lu Duc in the semifinals.

Now it was the turn of the heavyweight and Bart Mulder was up against Ferry Hoogeveen. Hoogeveen started the game offensively and Mulder managed to recover. Bart began to turn around and let Hoogeveen work, then Bart managed to put an elbow on the collarbone of Hoogendijk. Following a discussion between the referees, this was indeed a permitted technique. To our surprise, the judges did not mutually agree. Bart would have hit the face of Hoogeveen. For this, Bart got a Chui (public warning). The match was suspended and resumed at a later time. With the idea: If Hoogeveen was not hit on the collarbone, the match could continue. After ten minutes Hoogeveen withdrew from the tournament. Bart wins by task and is through to the semi-finals.

The first semifinal Frank Mulder against Frenchman Le Du. Frank opens the match with a front kick and follows with punch combinations. The Frenchman managed to regain his composure and locate on the counterattack. Frank kept the peace and know through hard well-placed punches to keep his opponent away and with high kicks to pull the match toward him. In the second round Mulder continues to put the pressure. Le Du continues to try to reverse kicks and manage to drag out an extension. In the extension Frank continues to work and win the match on a split decision. First Mulder to the finals!

In the semi-finals in the heavyweight Bart Mulder takes on  Michel Meuldijk. Bart opens the match with strong kicks followed by punch combinations. After an exchange of punches Mulder accidentally grazed Meuldijk by a punch to the chin and receives an Chui (public warning). The match continues and Bart hits the chin again! For this, Bart gets a Kenten! (Half point against). After this Meuldijk smell victory and begin to put pressure. Bart manages to offer good resistance against this. After the first round it was a slight advantage to Michel Meuldijk. Now Bart had to do everything to put the second round in his name. Controlled punches, hard kicks, jumped knees and initiative Mulder manages to divide the referees and gain an extension. The match now continues in the first extension of 2 minutes, this is a thrilling round in which the punches and kicks over and over, Mulder knows how to make scores with his knees. Again there is a extension and there will be a final round in which a decision must fall. The last round was a war of attrition and Bart manages to retain the initiative. Mulder wins the game on a unanimous decision.

Then the finals in lightweight devision Frank Mulder against Vadim Karvink. The match begins with punch, kick combinations over and over. Frank knows to keep the distance and put pressure with a spectacular kick combination knows Frank to score a Wazari. In the second round Frank manages to retain the initiative and pressure, and again scored a Wazari with a high kick to the head. After this well-placed high kick Frank wins the match with a full point and is now for the first time Open European Champion Kyokushinkai Karate!

The pressure was now at Bart Mulder should now than written history will be with both brothers Mulder as Open European Champion Kyokushinkai Karate?

Bart took on Dave Kagenaar. Kagenaar  opens strong with hard low kicks (kicks to the thigh). Bart manages to keep his distance and scoring with knees to the body. Afther the first round Bart has a slight edge in his advantage. The second round starts and Dave tries to put pressure. Bart manages to parry this well and forcing a stunning knock out with a well-placed knee to the head.

Semmy Schilt – This is really a great achievement that the Mulder brothers have put down here. This tournament in The Hague is the most prestigious and international Open Kyokushin Karate Tournament in the Netherlands. I am also grateful for  the trainers Peter Boer and  Janhendrik Mulder (father) for the confidence they have shown to the Fight Game Academy.

Now the brothers Mulder can go to make up for the Dutch Championships that will be held Ahoy Rotterdam on May 21 2016. This championship will be organized by the Dutch Full Contact Karate Organisation NFCKO. This is a new organization that aims to unite all the Full contact karate styles in the Netherlands.

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